A Cork Wedding, Unlocking the Magic

Unlocking the Magic of a Cork Wedding: From Lucky Dates to Unique Venues the Magic of a Cork Wedding When you embark on the journey of planning your Cork wedding, two essential elements stand out as the keystones of your special day: selecting a memorable wedding date and choosing the perfect venue. In this comprehensive […]

Easy Guide to Booking Your Marriage Registration Appointment

Getting Married in Ireland? these are the steps for booking your Marriage Registration Appointment Book Marriage Registration Appointment Notice of Intent: You and your partner must let the registrar know that you intend to marry in Ireland. You must book a Marriage Registration Appointment. You have to do this at least 3 months before your […]

What is Interfaith?

What is Interfaith? What is Interfaith? Interfaith is not a standalone religion. In fact it is not a new religion or indeed an old one, indeed it is not a religion at all. Rather it is a means of traversing between different religious traditions. Interfaith begins when we create a bridge between one set of […]

Poems for Children to read at your Wedding

Poems for your Children to read at Your Wedding   Some wedding poems for Children to read at your wedding. When it comes to weddings children can really steal the show. But if you do have children what better way of including them than by doing a reading. Below is a short selection. I have […]

Choosing a Celebrant – The Complete Guide

Choosing a Celebrant Welcome and congratulations! If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you’re planning a special occasion that’s significant to you. Whether it’s a wedding, vow renewal, naming day, or any other milestone, it’s an important event that deserves to be marked in a way that truly reflects your style, values, and beliefs by […]

Daniel O Donnell and wife Majella Renew Vows

Congratulations to Daniel & Majella on their Vow Renewal! Are you looking for a special way to celebrate your enduring love? Consider renewing your wedding vows, just like Majella and Daniel O Donnell did after 20 years of marriage. A vow renewal ceremony is a beautiful and personal way to reaffirm your commitment to each […]

A Humanist Wedding or a Spiritual Wedding?

A humanist Wedding or a Spiritual Wedding? When I was searching around to marry again I found the whole area really confusing. We were looking at humanist weddings and spiritual weddings. It was positively difficult to navigate the various terms and offerings out there. If we choose to marry in a spiritual wedding did that […]

Marry in Cork? Church or Civil or both?

Looking for a wedding ceremony that’s uniquely you? Don’t settle for a cold civil ceremony or a church wedding that doesn’t represent your love story. Did you know that you have the right to marry the person you love and have the wedding of your dreams? If you marry in Cork you can have all […]

Handfasting Ceremony

A Celtic Tradition dating to 7000BC An ancient Celtic tradition that dates back to 7000 B.C.. Traditionally Handfasting is when two people were to be married. They were tied together with a some material or cord. Their hands were bound together. During the ceremony this symbolic binding of the joining of hands represents two lives […]

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