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Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony is a unique and symbolic way to celebrate the coming together of two lives, two souls, and two hearts. It is a popular option for couples who want to add a special touch to their wedding ceremony, and it’s particularly meaningful when the couple getting married has children. In fact, many couples who are blending families choose to include a Sand Ceremony as a way to signify the unity of their new family.

During a Sand Ceremony, the couple, along with their children if they have any, each take turns pouring sand from individual containers into a larger vessel. The sand represents each individual and their unique personality, experiences, and qualities. When the sand is poured into the larger vessel, it symbolizes the coming together of two individuals and their families, becoming one new family. The blending of the sand is irreversible, just like the couple’s marriage and the joining of their families.

One of the advantages of a Sand Ceremony is that it can be tailored to your unique tastes and preferences. You can choose from a variety of sand colors to represent the different personalities and characteristics of the individuals involved. You can also use different vessels, such as special sand vases or glass bottles, to hold the sand. And, you can choose to have the ceremony outdoors, which is a great option for couples who love nature and want to incorporate it into their special day.

Overall, a Sand Ceremony is a beautiful and touching way to celebrate the union of two individuals and their families. It’s a moment that everyone involved will treasure for a lifetime, and the sand-filled container serves as a lasting reminder of the special day.

The bride and groom can decorate their vases, colour their sand and forever smile at the unique blend that serves as a symbol of their love.

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At the Sand Ceremony, each person typically has some sand collected from their favourite beach. You can buy coloured sand also but make sure whatever sand you use is dry or else it does not pour easily.

While pouring allow each person to take turns pouring the sand into the clear vessel. The staggering particularly if you use different colours will form a layered effect. Coloured sand is often used during this process particularly if children are involved.

A really nice one for me was when when the couple had sand from their favourite beach and the children used coloured sand.  The layered effect was truly special and made a fantastic keepsake of the day.

The ceremony is very visual and perfect for outdoor weddings and particularly if there are children. The beautifully blended sand vase can be kept forever representing the couples’ unity and the inseparable nature of their bond.

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Top Tip: make sure sand is dry!

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