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My job- make your Ceremony Unforgettable

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A Heartfelt, Personal Ceremony?

Are you looking for a heartfelt, personal and captivating ceremony for your legal civil wedding in Cork? Because when you marry you want it to consist of all the things you want and most importantly none of the things you don’t? 

Your Love Story will be the centrepiece of your ceremony. You can pick whatever music or readings or elements that speak to you. The ceremony will reflect the special and unique love that you have for each other as a couple. My role is to bring life to your ideas and give inspiration when you are unsure.

Your Cork Wedding should be your day, your way, because ultimately, when you marry in Cork, it IS your love story. 

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My job- make your Ceremony Unforgettable

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A Legal Wedding in Cork?

That’s what I do… I can marry you, legally, which means not only that it satisfies a civil wedding but you will be legally married with the Irish State. I am a HSE Registered wedding solemniser based in Cork so, I can marry you, legally. Being a religious solemniser means that I can authorise your venue, once it meets the criteria. See my getting married in Cork page.

Not affiliated to a philosophy or creed means that you are free to choose a religious, non- religious, spiritual or “uncertain” approach to your civil ceremony. We can do everything in accordance with your personal requirements and beliefs. Nothing is imposed.

Wedding west Cork Celebrant the right choice

Ceremony Enhancements

You can have different elements within your perfect Cork wedding civil ceremony, whether it is Handfasting, Unity CandleSand Ceremony, Ring warming, readings, poems, music, vows and many more ideas to choose from. To clarify you decide what elements resonate with you, when you marry in Cork. It will be in accordance with your beliefs.

It’s important to realise that as an Interfaith Celebrant, I can draw on many resources and of course, unquestioningly I will make your ideas into reality. In summary your wedding will be everything you dreamed of. 

Please do check out my website here to see what you need to marry legally in Cork. In particular, I have a blog post on Cork Weddings and your choices, if you choose to get married in Cork. To be sure, remember that you MUST give 3 months notice to HSE Civil Registration Office for the legal and civil ceremony part of your wedding. The reality is therefore that you will need more time than that for your Cork marriage, as there are waiting lists to get appointments. However, the reality is that the time will not be long going!

Check out my blog for some useful articles.

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Civil Wedding Ceremony Cork Celebrant Brian Twomey

Wedding in Cork?

If you want to marry in Cork, I can do it because I am an HSE registered solemniser therefore, I can marry you legally anywhere in Ireland.
As a fully trained Ordained Interfaith Minister I am a wedding celebrant and consequently a legal Solemniser registered with the HSE.

Green path Inis Beg Estate Cork End of life meditation tips to stay grounded

Funerals / End of Life

I will create a ceremony that reflects the wishes, beliefs, cultural background and values, religious or non-religious of your loved one and your family, because we minister to all faiths and none.

Even in the sadness of loss we can still celebrate life.

Naming Ceremony /
Baby Naming

Having a Naming Ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome children into the family. Whether newly born, or step-children, or an adopted child I can do the ceremony in a setting that is comfortable to you. 

A naming ceremony can be a relaxed, simple affair or a traditional ceremony which honours your family history.

Spiritual Counselling

Life sometimes is not easy….

As a Spiritual Counsellor, I will always listen and respect your personal beliefs and choices without judgement. We have complete confidentiality, so that together we may journey towards a deep understanding, acceptance and peace.

More than Weddings!

 I do my best to be authentic and true. However none of us were designed to fit into boxes and be neatly presentable on social media platforms and websites. What you see here is just a small window into my life in the hope that it offers you a flavour of me. 

My heart is offered in what I do. Laughter, to me, is the best medicine and having fun is a really good thing. If we can make a wedding ceremony fun and heartfelt, then to me, what’s not to love?

Interfaith civil marriage celebrant cork legal wedding marry cork
Check out my blog for some useful articles.

Diversity Statement - everyone should have the right to have their Love celebrated

Brian Twomey Cork Celebrant marries Mr & Mrs Hay

I believe everyone should have the right to marry and have their love celebrated.   My clients, couples and colleagues can expect to be affirmed, included, and celebrated. No matter their gender, race, age, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, size, socioeconomic status, education, physical and mental ability, and professional or life experience, love should be celebrated.  

Personally, I am an anti-racist, LGBTQ+ inclusive, committed to diversity and inclusion, and am committed to growing through active dialogue, diverse and inclusive hiring practices and partnerships, education, and feedback.

All faiths and none…..including everyone!

Love & Blessings


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In Ireland today so many people and families honour different faiths and paths. And so many others are not sure what to believe. I may be one of them! Families today in Ireland are more blended and de facto rather than traditional.  Indeed in reality many of us have no practicing faith or belief and this has contributed to the growing demand for celebrant services in an all inclusive way. Often traditional paths do not reflect individuals in their real lives. The reality is that many in their humanness are not recognised by the mainstream religions.

As an experienced celebrant, I take the time and care to create the perfect words so that the ceremony created reflects your ideas, traditions and cultural practices. Or indeed put shape to what you want your ceremony to be. Essentially a ceremony that has love and harmony in its heart. A ceremony that is about your love rather than someone else’s interpretation about what love should be or what family should be.

No exclusions and everything that resonates...

We do not have to exclude anyone or be dictatorial about what readings or music we can use. Once it means something to you and resonates I believe then it should be included. If everything resonates we then have a ceremony that is meaningful and heartfelt, which is what it should be.

So whether you are here because you are recently engaged or you’ve been together with your loved one for donkeys years, or it’s about time we made our longstanding relationship legal, hop over to my contact page and get in touch. My process is very informative and straightforward.

Practicing for the ceremony...

We can have some fun too!

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