Some readings for weddings.

Some poems for weddings.

Reading at wedding ceremony Dunmore House Hotel overlooking water ideal wedding reading

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Readings, Poems, Music, Vows ideas for Weddings

Congratulations! Although you’re probably way past that! 

The date is set, or maybe you are preparing to get ready to set the date. 

I have compiled some poems, readings music and vow ideas for you to discover. The only problem is that there are too many and to be honest you will only use a couple. My only advice is to use the ones that speak to you or have meaning or simply resonate with you. If they do not resonate with you, leave them out, as if it doesn’t do it for you, it won’t do it for anyone else!

Click below and it is only a small selection, you may find something you like but there are loads out there, or maybe you have someone, a friend or family member that will write something?

Poems, Readings, Music & Vows for Weddings

Click links below:

Reading at wedding ceremony Dunmore House Hotel overlooking water ideal wedding reading


Some readings for weddings. A selection of readings for you to choose from. Ideally pick a reading that resonates with you.


Some poems for weddings. A small selection of tried and tested poems to use during your Wedding Ceremony. There are many more out there and have fun deciding!

Music Ideas

Some selected music ideas for you to choose from. Sometimes your favourite songs lyrics might wok as a reading too!

Bride at Dunmore House emotional at wedding MAKING HER WEDDING VOWS

Vow Inspiration

Some vow inspiration to inspire you. Or maybe keep it simple, it's entirely up to you!

Don't Stress!

Weddings are can be so so stressful. Apart from what you are spending you’re trying to think of everything and not forget anyone. Relax we have done it all before! We know what works. Come from the heart, stay present and allow it happen!

Check out readings for weddings and some poems for weddings.

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Before you know it, the day will be all over. It seems so far away and you can’t wait, there’s so much to do, and think of and you don’t want to upset anyone! But enjoy it! Make a list, check it twice….sounds familiar…..but make lists and check them off…it will be all over so quickly…..but at the end you get to be with the one you love!

No couple is the same and therefore no wedding should be either!

Your wedding will be elegant, classy and unforgettable! Filled with fun, laughter, clapping, cheering and happy tears, leaving you and your guests feeling wowed.

Right from “I’m engaged!” to when you say “I do” I will be by your side, planning your unique ceremony … it’ll be just how you always dreamed of. Your day, your way, your love, your story.

Check out my blog for some useful articles.

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