Ring Warming

I love this ritual. It is traditional and Irish. It creates a unifying moment during your wedding ceremony. Usually I have done it at the beginning of the Ceremony and before the rings are exchanged. The rings are passed around the guests to be “warmed up”. The guests are invited in the hope that they set a good intention for the couple.

In truth if there are more than 50 guests it might be logistically difficult to do this ceremony element. You could just confine it to the Bridal party and main guests.

hand holds wedding rings for ring warming ceremony

A meaningful and low-pressure way to include your guests. A way to include a grandparent or an older person who cannot attend.

Ring Warming - Variations

  •  A select number of special guests (immediate family members or the wedding party, for example), do the warming of the rings. 
  • When it’s only a few guests a celebrant might invite them to stand in a circle around the couple while warming the rings.
  • Guests could be asked to speak their hopes and wishes for the couple aloud. 
  • Bring the rings to guests who can’t make the wedding – for example, elderly grandparents – to be “warmed up” in the days and weeks beforehand. 
  • Leave the rings on display at the entrance to the ceremony, and invite guests to “warm” them on their way in. A member of the bridal party will need to keep an eye on them, and prompt guests to take part.
  • You could hold the rings, and your celebrant could ask guests to hold their hands up in your direction while setting their intention or saying their prayer. This is covid safe!

Positive vibes...

The idea of a “Ring Warming Ceremony” is that your wedding rings have been “warmed” forever by your guests. In summary they set their well wishes, positive vibes loving energies, good intentions into the rings. It is a very personal way to get your guests involved in the wedding ceremony.

It’s a good idea to tie the rings together with a piece of ribbon. Alternatively put the rings in a special container for the ring warming.

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