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It's Your day Your Way! and Your love and your story...

Your Love Story

There’s magic in how you met, fell in love, became engaged, and even more magic in the telling your family and friends as part of your wedding day. You’ll laugh and cry happy tears in a unique ceremony all about you. Everyone will love it and I guarantee it will wow and have your guests talking about it for a long time. If you decide to marry in Cork!

I work with you

From the welcome to the vows to the ring exchange to the pronouncement and everything else, I guide you through the options and we work on it together in a personal planning session. You get the ceremony you’ve always wanted, your perfect wedding, be it on a weekday or a weekend at a venue, large or small, fun filled and/or faith filled.

We can work together to honour your commitment to each other. 

A Legal Wedding

By using someone like me to be your Cork Celebrant you can enjoy your wedding ceremony also being a legal wedding ceremony. There are a few bits we need to include to make it legal but I will guide you all the way. Whether you marry in Cork or anywhere in Ireland, you will need to give the Civil Registration Office 3 months Notice and there is more information here.

Committed love between two people creates a sacred union that adds a dimension of holiness to our world. This kind of relationship cannot be categorised by any religion or culture, or even defined by a person’s sex or race.

Love will not be ruled by prejudice and stereotypes.

A ceremony that is….

Sincere, with Feeling, fuN & memorable... and about you

I would love to talk to you.....

I love ceremony and I understand the powerful transformation of ceremony.

Through the power of Ceremony I can make your day special.

I can offer you:

  • Have a Legal Wedding Ceremony
  • A non-religious Ceremony
  • You can have a spiritual Wedding Ceremony
  • Unique content that reflects your relationship and personal values
  • I can marry you (almost) anywhere
  • Get married on any day of the week

We can weave a ceremony that can include the music you want, any readings you wish, in short your day, your way. If you marry in Cork, I can also provide you with plenty of ideas. I have access to a wide reserve of rich resources that may help you crystallise your own thoughts and ideas. 

Every story is unique...
so surely it is only right that your ceremony is unique and
personal to YOU

Legal civil wedding ceremony cork celebrant fun moment
A real venue in Cork....ask me where! We do it everyday, we know the spots!

Your Love, Your story...

As a Celebrant and HSE Registered Solemniser, my aim is always to bear witness to your story and your love, as you share them with those you love. This is at the essence of my philosophy; your love, your story and your pledge to each other.

If you wish that is all you need to bring to the table and I can take care of everything else.

Ceremony is for me, faith, hope, humility, mischief, love, the everyday, the sublime, great shoes, a nervous champagne, remembrance, tradition and laughter. Above all we confront and accept one another as we are. Alive, living and in our own perfect colours, rough edges and all.

In terms of process it will kick off with a meeting online or in person. Once I know what you want and get your story, I will tailor make a ceremony for you that you will remember forever. If you go with me and marry in Cork, it will be your day, your way.

Whether you marry in Cork or elsewhere, remember that you must give the Registration Office at least 3 months notice of your wedding and there can be waiting times for appointments.  You can have a legal wedding with me at a place of your choosing once it is public and has an address. Call me to find out more on 087-6743355 or email me on [email protected]

Ceremony Enhancements:

Handfasting civil ceremony legal wedding Cork celebrant

A Hand fasting Ceremony

Handfasting Ceremony

An ancient Celtic custom, handfasting is one of the oldest wedding rituals in Ireland. It's where the expression "tying the knot" comes from. The couple have their hands bound together by ribbon or cord. There is real power in this ancient tradition and I love it!

We can do it in different ways and we can also do it in a way that involves some of your guests. The sky is the limit in terms of creativity!

Gay wedding unity candle ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle Ceremony

This is a beautiful way to symbolise the joining of two families through the medium of light. The couple can choose their mothers, fathers or another significant person in their life to light their candles. Later in the Ceremony the couple might light one candle together.

hand holds wedding rings for ring warming ceremony

Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring Warming

Incorporating a ring warming ceremony into your wedding is a special way to involve all of your guests and allow them to bestow a wish upon your wedding.

couple pour sand in sand ceremony at wedding marry in cork

Sand Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

This is a unique way to symbolise the joining of two lives and families. A great enhancement and great to use when you need to include other members of the family, particularly children. The vessel holding the sand can be a memorable keepsake to remember your special day forever.

Check out our Wedding Resources

Readings, poems, music ideas and more…

Whether you desire an intimate ceremony or you plan on going all out with your guest list and venue, if you decide to marry in Cork, I will help you create a ceremony that captures your essence as a couple. It’s your special day and the details are up to you and no one else. We will work with you to see to it that every “t” is crossed and every “i” is dotted.

It doesn’t have to be your mother’s wedding unless you want it to be!

Why Cork Celebrant? Why marry in Cork?

With my help, your wedding can be legal and as quietly joyful or as crazily celebratory as you want it to be.

Same Sex Marriage

Your love, your story, your pledge to one another.....

Here in Ireland we are immensely proud to be the first country to legalise gay marriage by popular vote.

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