Wedding Venues in Cork

Where to start!! We are so lucky in Cork to have so many venues suitable for a wedding, if you want to marry in Cork. It may just depend on your budget and the number of guests you want to be there. 

Many hotels specialise in weddings and have dedicated areas for Civil weddings. However you can go with a “Religious” wedding here too! Religious in the sense of all faiths and none….religious in the sense that it does not have to be “religious” at all and maybe “spiritual” and even at that it can be whatever we want to make it to be. Spirit can be anywhere and can take any form and be in any place so you can have any element you want in these venues, on a day that suits you, at a time that suits you. 

Most people believe in Karma. If you do then that is religious! If you believe in luck that is religious also as it is a belief. Other people believe in Angels, no matter what you believe in or not, our vows mean that we accept you as we find you so it is essentially your day your way, your love, your story.

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A HSE Registered Solemniser

If you go with a solemniser such as me you don’t need the venue to be specially licensed, we as the religious solemniser authorise the venue. There are some legal rules such as the venue must be open to the public and if using an outside area it must be connected to a building. The venue must have an address and must be dignified also. Also talk o us as we know the best wedding venues for every taste.

Most hotels would fit the above criteria and many are also licensed in their own right. Many couples want to get married in Ireland and more particularly, many want to get married in Cork so you really do need to decide and book your venue from a long way out, particularly if it is a Saturday in wedding season. Some couples may plan their wedding up to two years in advance, but all couples need to book an appointment with the HSE Civil Registration Service and there must be three clear months between that appointment and the date of marriage ceremony. This point has caught out many an unwary couple! You also need to make sure you have someone to marry you if you marry in Cork or marry anywhere in Ireland.


Selecting your perfect wedding Venue in Cork

Couples will have their own preferences when it comes to the best wedding venue in Cork and selecting the top wedding venue in Cork will change depending on your circumstances. Picking the best wedding celebrant is a little easier! However, no matter where you go with, it is important that the ceremony reflects your hopes, dreams and values and that you get the ceremony you want. So whether you go for a hotel wedding, a budget wedding, a spiritualist wedding, a civil wedding or a religious wedding, the only thing that really matters is that you get the wedding that you want and that you will remember forever.

If you want to go with an outdoor wedding, talk to your HSE Registered Solemniser first. There are pros and cons to an outside wedding in Cork. Honestly, there are more cons than pros. I have heard of disasters where the rain has come down mid ceremony leaving everyone scrambling. No matter how good everything is afterwards this is difficult to come back from. Further if you are deciding to go outdoors, you may be on tender hooks right up until the last minute, worried that the rain or even worse will come.

Your perfect Cork Wedding Venue

Below is only a small selection of venues. There are many more but I am listing these as I have been there and either liked the location, the setting or the food!  You can be by the sea, get married during the day or night, go off season indoors in November or go on an off peak day, but remember once you are happy, everyone else is happy too!

Sometimes couples ask me for off-beat and unique venues and locations, sometimes to be different. However, be different at your peril. Venues that are off the beaten track come with other issues which you may need to resolve and pay for. The beauty of a hotel is that it is a one stop shop most of the time. You can have the ceremony, eat, sleep and dance there all under one roof! What’s not to love?

River Lee Hotel Ceremony room Cork Celebrant legal wedding
River Lee Hotel Ceremony Room
Rochestown Park Hotel Wedding Venue
Rochestown Park Hotel
wedding venue cork Interfaith celebrant brian Twomey Cork Celebrant at Fota Island Resort
Fota Island Resort
wedding venue cork Wedding ceremony room Kinsale Hotel Cork
Kinsale Hotel & Spa wedding ceremony room cork
Kinsale wedding venue Ceremony room Trident Hotel Kinsale Cork
Elegant Ceremony Room Trident Hotel
Carrigaline wedding venue Marry at Carrigaline Court Hotel Ceremony room
Ceremony room Carrigaline Court Hotel
cork wedding venue Cork Celebrant wedding at Vienna Woods Hotel
Vienna Woods Hotel
sea wedding venue cork celebrant interfaith wedding at Garryvoe Hotel
Garryvoe Hotel
cork wedding venue with cork celebrant Maryborough Hotel cork
Maryborough Hotel Cork
Cork wedding venue Brian Twomey Cork Celebrant Interfaith Celebrant
Clayton Silversprings Hotel
Metropole Hotel Cork Celebrant legal wedding
Metropole Hotel Ceremony Room ask for Eoghan
wedding venue Cork Brian Twomey Cork Celebrant Interfaith Celebrant
The Address, Cork Wedding venue Cork
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