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A Beautiful Journey when two people become one in spirit...

A Beautiful Journey

by Donna Fargo

A great marriage begins with two people joined together in love as partners and best friends.
It’s a commitment to always be on each other’s side, sharing everything.
When two people become one in spirit, every joy is doubled and every disappointment is diminished. They live their lives in an attitude of cooperation with each other. They plan on togetherness. They listen. They hope. They dream. They make mistakes. They understand. They forgive. And they move on … together. They’re loyal to each other and steadfast in their pledge to be there for each other forever; through sickness and health, poverty and wealth. For these two people, love is the magic that keeps them together and guides them on their journey, enhancing their lives and assuring their happiness.

A beautiful journey. A great marriage begins with two people joined together in love as partners and best friends.

If you are looking for a legal wedding in Cork or a vow renewal please contact me. I am an Interfaith Celebrant and legal solemnisor. I specialise in Handfasting ceremonies and know some great wedding venues in Cork.

So if you are looking for the best wedding celebrant in Cork give me a shout. I promise your Wedding will be heartfelt, fun and everything you wanted. 

Have a search around the website. There is information on handfasting, unity candle ceremony, legal necessities for getting married and much much more. Enjoy the planning. Your big day will be here before you know it!

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