Vow - ideal for a dad to his daughter...or mum to her daughter/stepdaughter...

Readings for wedding…


by Roger McGough

(Ideal for a Dad to his daughter)
(or a Mum for her daughter or step daughter)

I vow to honour the commitment made this day which, unlike the flowers and the cake, will not wither or decay. 

A promise, not to obey, but to respond joyfully, to forgive and to console. For once incomplete, we now are whole. 

I vow to bear in mind that if, at times things seem to go from bad to worse, they also go from bad to better.

The lost purse is handed in, the letter Contains wonderful news. Trains run on time, hurricanes run out of breath, floods subside and toast lands jam-side up.

And with this ring, my final vow: To recall, whatever the future may bring, The love I feel for you now. 

Today, dear daughter, as you walk down the aisle You’ll see all the faces wearing a smile. 

But as I remember those tender young years my smile will conceal a few hidden tears.

It isn’t through sadness, my emotions just whirl, as I think back to my dear little girl 

and now you have grown and made me so proud. As you smile for the camera and the rest of the crowd. 

Remember dear ……. as you become a new wife, you’re still very much a part of my life!

I am not losing a daughter; I am gaining a son. You’re new lives as husband and wife have begun. 

So be blissfully happy and enjoy your ‘Big Day’. Have a wonderful time what more can I say……

Readings for weddings. Vow – I’m not losing a daughter I’m gaining a son.

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