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An uncommon love - may you have the love only two can know.

AN Uncommon Love

by Terah Cox

May you have the love

only two can know

May you go where only
two as one may go

May the sun rise and set
in your bonded hearts
and the moon never find you
too long apart

May you cherish each other’s
dreams as your own
and turn stumbling blocks
into stepping stones

May you brave life’s mountains
and miles together
May there be no storm
your love cannot weather

May you always be lovers
and allies and friends
May your souls’ conversations
never end

May you capture on Earth
what’s in Heaven above
May your hearts know the rapture
of an uncommon love.

ay you have the love only two can know. An Uncommon love!

Some of the words of this poem really resonate. May you always be lovers and may you cherish each other’s dreams as your own.

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