Love - life's most wonderful gift....

A Wonderful Gift

by Douglas Pagels

Always remember the wishes and the romance and all the reasons your love came to be.
Never forget that love can see you through anything: all you have to do is just let it.
Never turn away from the sweetness of sharing. You’re both so incredibly lucky: never forget it. Never let the important things go unspoken. The dreams you have together are guideposts in your days; never forsake them. The roads you walk together will lead to a deepening joy; go hand-in-hand as best friends on your way.
Never forget that many people search all their lives for the kinds of smiles you have been blessed with. Be sure to remember that love will always be life’s most beautiful gift.

Share, support, speak from the heart and listen with your very souls. Know that there will be times when you may disagree; nothing could be more natural. Simply remember that when you see things from two different perspectives, you need to give and make a compromise. The longest-lasting and most loving unions in the worlds all have moments when their journeys have uphill climbs. But the secret they share is knowing beyond any clouds that come along, the sun will keep on shining above.

As you continue on your path together, you will come across more joys than you’ll ever be able to count. And you’ll keep on discovering that the ‘forever’ kind of love is the very best thing there is.

May you always and forever be lovingly blessed with this exquisite and wonderful gift … because you deserve to have all the joyous rewards … of a truly great relationship.

This is a really short reading but there is a power in its brevity.

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